Bolivia Sites
  • Country Bolivia
  • Sites in Country 5
  • Annual Yield (Est) 1,745 tons
  • Production (%) 57%
  • Our 5 sites in Bolivia are all centered around The Uyuni salt flat, (Salar de Uyuni), and this area is known to possess the largest lithium deposit in the world, holding an estimated 21 million metric tons of lithium.
    The first site was started in 1996 and is now our largest project yielding nearly 700 metric tons a year. The last site was started in 2015 and is already contributing nearly 150 tons a year.
    We are looking to further expand our operation in this are with 3 further potential locations having been identified
    These 5 sites yield Coldwater Mining & Energy Ltd approximately 1,745 metric tons of lithium, or up to 57% of our annual production.