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Investor Relations

Coldwater Mining & Energy Ltd offers a tremendous opportunity to create substantial value for its partners and shareholders.

Lithium demand and the growth potential of the lithium mining industry are rapidly growing daily, and due to the success we have achieved since 1994, will be a driver to establishing a greater market share.

Our investors, business partners and our entire management team are crucial to everything that we do. Without them our future success cannot be assured.

To secure our continued growth, the company have embarked on 4 rounds of private placement funding to facilitate our public listing.

If you would like to know more, on how to become part of our future growth, before our listing, please contact Tricom Capital Management who are our appointed brokerage to oversee these 4 rounds of private placement.

Mr. Dominic Haynes

Investment Relations Director

Coldwater Mining & Energy Ltd

[email protected]

+1 647 694 5579

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