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Generating a Global Source of Lithium - Responsibly

Coldwater Mining & Energy Ltd is a licensed Canadian company which was formed in 1994 with one clear focus, to become, in collaboration with its shareholders, one of the world’s most ethical mining companies of lithium carbonate.

We currently operate from 10 sites, in 3 countries, which have a combined total coverage of over 90,000 hectares, and all operate within the IRMA’s, (Initiative for Responsible Mining), strict mandate for responsible mining and we abide by the respective local governmental laws.

With 3 sites in Argentina, 2 in Zimbabwe and 5 in Bolivia, all 100% owned by Coldwater Mining and Energy Limited, we are looking to further expand our global mining footprint, and with this, our position within the sector is set to increase significantly over the coming years.

To capitalize on the fast-growing lithium market, our main focus is to monetize the resources and reserves held in our projects which collectively benefit from large, scalable and high-grade lithium resources with a Measured and Indicated Resource total of up to 3,000 metric tons of Lithium Carbonate Equivalent (LCE).

Lithium Charging

Alongside our 100% owned sites, we also hold a 37.3% investment in a Chilean lithium project, which covers 256.5 hectares and has a 28-year mining license to 31st December 2047 and produced, to year-ending December 2020, a pre-tax profit of USD $9 million and Internal Rate of Return, (IRR), of 22%.

Our approach to delivering returns to our shareholders will be secured by the following;

  • The business model is supported by the core competencies of the team.
  • Experienced and entrepreneurial leadership team.
  • Commitment to excellence in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance matters.
  • Access to strong technical skills, either from our in-house team or network of advisers.
  • Emphasis on building strong local organizations and skill sets.
  • Capital discipline and careful handling of Company resources.
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Our Mission

To Be a Fully Integrated and Ethical Lithium Mining Business

Coldwater Mining & Energy Ltd’s focus is centered around being a completely coordinated, and ethical lithium carbonate mining business, displayed by us utilizing demonstrated innovation to mindfully deliver as much as 3,000 tons of battery-grade lithium each year from our 10 destinations.

The entirety of our ventures internationally all operate within exacting environmental regulations to guarantee a base effect on the conditions in which they are found. Coldwater Mining and Energy Limited is one of the few organizations globally who has association arrangements set up with the entirety of its providers and clients which guarantees the responsible handling of and ethical discarding of lithium and its related items.

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